6 Strange and Wonderful Yoga Accessories

With all the new and unusual types of yoga that are offered today, it’s no wonder that the market for yoga leggings and yoga accessories are keeping up with the many trends. There are a number of yoga accessories that you should have for regular use, including a good mat, but there are also yoga accessories that are not for everyday use. For those who like to add a little extra to their yoga practice, here are six unusual but useful yoga accessories.

Yoga mat bags

At first glance, these aren’t strange, they’re a purely practical item. However, as yoga gets more popular these bags have gone from serviceable to amazing. The colors and materials you can buy today vary from plain to psychedelic, and there is also a variety of sizes so that you can fit more than just your mat inside. They also come in a variety of materials, some of them nice enough to take into the office as a work bag.

Yoga mat scent sprays

Another item that seems purely practical. However, for anyone who has done yoga for a while and lain down for a pose only to get a whiff of their mat and recoil, they’re a really good thing. Yoga makes you sweat, which drips onto the mat, and it can also end up smelling like feet after hours of standing poses. These sprays can make your mat smell like flowers instead.

Yoga wheel

Meant to help stretch out the muscles in the back and assist with flexibility in the spine, these little plastic creations look like big wrist bands. There are many versions of the wheel, in a lot of different colors, and they can really help if you’re having trouble with certain postures.

Scent diffusers

Whether they come in a spray bottle, in a burner or in a wall plugin, with these additions to your yoga practice you can picture yourself doing poses in any location in the world. Our sense of smell is strongly linked to memory and imagination, use it to transport yourself while doing a backbend or while meditating.

Meditation cushions

Though the bolster can be used for this, it’s isn’t very comfortable. There are a lot of different meditation cushions around today, most of them made from a soft and comfortable material and shaped to fit your neck and head properly. If you like to meditate at the end of your yoga practice, these cushions are the best way to do it comfortably.

Yoga pads

Lots of different poses in yoga require you to balance all of your weight on the point of your knees, or on your elbows. This would be fine if it weren’t for the vulnerability of these joints, and the firmness of the floor. Yoga pads are small, padded shapes that go between your naked bone and the floor. They’re a miracle.

Sticking to a regular workout can be difficult. People are busy, they have a lot of other things to do or they’re tired and run down, and working out can fall to the bottom of the list. One important way to encourage yourself to keep up with the workouts is to make them interesting, try new types of workouts and new routines. These yoga accessories can help you add a little interest to your practice while getting a little more from your regular routine.


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