Committing To Yoga Practice

Committing to Yoga Practice

We all have our particular reasons why we are practicing yoga, but there are times when it is just too difficult to commit. Perhaps your responsibilities with your family or work are preventing you from committing entirely on the session. You are also probably worried that you will not be able to accomplish the different poses of yoga. However, if you will observe the people who are committed to practicing their yoga often, they appear more relaxed in handling their schedule and responsibilities. Most of them also reported that they became more efficient and productive in their work.

Tips on How You can Sincerely Commit to Your Yoga Practice

Here are some of the essential tips that I have learned that will support you in developing and building your commitment towards a healthier lifestyle.

The 21-Date Rule

Based on a study, it will take up to 21 days before you can form a new habit. Take your calendar and start formulating your schedule. Treat this as your much-needed ‘me’ time. Remember that you should treat yourself as the most significant person in the world. In case you can attend to your needs effectively, you will also be able to serve  others much better. When creating your schedule, avoid making it too cramped. Start with at least one or two sessions per week. Be kind and make your schedule very sustainable.

Finding a Buddy

Driving and practicing yoga will be a lot easier if you have a friend who is willing to take this journey with you. Your friend will help you keep your experience interesting, monitor your progress, keep you responsible and support you in creating a new habit.

Settle the Membership Fee

According to the study, we tend to appreciate the things that we already paid. When we acquire something in a discounted rate or at their special offer, we often say to ourselves that it would be okay if we did not get something out of it, what matters is that we did not lose a lot of money. Simply put, it is just okay for us to fail as long as it did not affect our financial state. We should not only value our financial assets, we should also place an importance on our energy and wellbeing. By paying the membership fee in full, you will be able to commit more fully on your yoga classes.


Visualization is a method that is commonly used by entrepreneurs. However, it can also be used to make you committed to your yoga class. Simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Know your reason for joining a yoga class and visualize the result if you perform yoga on a regular basis. Make sure that you always visualize that result when you are taking a yoga class.

Follow some of these tips, and you will successfully create a new habit. There will come a time when going to a yoga class is no longer a matter of question but a way of life. It will be like brushing your teeth the moment you wake up in the morning.


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