Easy Pose (Sukhasana) For Positive Thinking

Sometimes, the beauty of the present moment can be shadowed by negative thoughts and patterns in our minds. Thinking positive will enable you to expect the best in every situation in your life. 

The Easy Pose Sukhasana is a quite basic yet challenging, yoga exercise which can help. In this pose, you forget about anxiety and stress, especially if you practice it together with a breathing technique or a mantra which is appropriate for your situation.

Practice Easy Pose (Sukhasana) regularly because it teaches you to detach from daily worries, stress, and distractions.

How To Do The Easy Pose 

To come into the Easy Pose, follow these instructions:

  • Place a folded blanket on the mat. Sit on one of its edges and straighten the legs in front of your upper body on the mat;
  • Cross the shins, spread your knees apart and slide each foot under the opposite knee as you bend the legs in towards the upper body;
  • Release the legs so that their exterior edges are placed comfortably on the mat, while the interior arches placed just under the opposite shin. The correct pose is when you glance down and see a triangle formed by the two thighs and the crossed shins. Also, there should be a comfortable space between your feet and pelvis;
  • As usual in yoga, sit with the pelvis in a quite neutral position. As you maintain this stance for several breaths, gently lower the sitting bones a little back. Experience balancing the pubic bone and tail bone, so that they are placed at equal distances from the floor;
  • Place your hands either in the lap, with the palms upwards, or on the knees, with the palms downwards. Elevate the tail bone towards the mat, bring your shoulder blades firmly against the back, however, pay attention not to over bend the lower back. Push the lower front ribs forward;
  • Maintain this pose for any amount of time; however, in case you practice it regularly, make sure to switch the legs. For example, you can divide the time spent in this posture in half and spend the first half with the right leg forward, and the other – with the second leg forward.

Benefits Of Easy Pose 

There are several benefits of Easy Pose such as:

  • Allows you to gain stillness and tranquility;
  • Stretching of the external sides of the knees;
  • Lengthening the spine and back muscles;
  • Opening the ankles;
  • Unlocking the knees.

Cautions While Practicing The Easy Pose 

  • Please make sure you consult a physician before trying the Easy Pose if you have any medical conditions. This pose is not advisable if you suffered from a knee injury.
  • Also, for those with tight hips, it could be harmful. Remember to practice within your own abilities and limits. 


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