How to Take Your Meditation Practice to a Higher Level

When you have been meditating consistently for a while, you may start to get restless and wonder if there is anything more. Sure, meditation can make you feel calm and relaxed, and you may get a host of other benefits from the practice, but you may also start wondering if you can reach a deeper or higher level. The good news is that you can. By using many techniques, you can reach the next stage in your practice and perhaps even achieve a measure of enlightenment through your efforts.

Master the Basics

Before you move into deeper levels of meditation, you need to make sure that you have the basics mastered. This means everything from the pose you use for your practice to control over your breathing. If you try to move up a level before you have foundation, then there is a good chance that everything will come tumbling down. Take the time to work on basics first.

Slow Down

Modern life is fast paced these days. We expect to get what we want immediately and sometimes we expect the same immediate gratification from our meditation practice. However, meditation requires that you slowdown in every aspect of your life and make room for change, progression, or your own thoughts. You can’t progress if you are moving too fast to allow your mind to contemplate and grow in its own time.

Prepare Before Your Meditation Session

One of the best ways to do this is through yoga. The breathing practices and movements of yoga are designed to work in tandem with meditation practices. By having a regular yoga session before meditation, you are increasing the time that your mind spends in a contemplative state and your body is more relaxed.

Change Your Diet

There are certain lifestyle changes that naturally match with meditation and yoga, including veganism or the eating practices known as Ayurveda. According to this tradition, certain foods have effects on the body and mind that may hinder or help your meditation practice. Learn about these kinds of traditions and test to see if they have the desired effect on your lifestyle and practice.

Try New Things

There are a lot of tools and techniques out there that are designed to improve your meditation practice and deepen your experience. Try some of these practices. If you find them fun or helpful, then incorporate them into your routine. By trying new things, you will ensure that your practice remains interesting to you, and that may be just what you need to go further on your meditation journey.


No matter how hard you push it, progress in your meditation practice will come in its own time. Trying to force it using any technique is oppositional to the practice and can be detrimental on many levels. Surrender to the process, accept that change will come when it comes, and enjoy the journey as much as you anticipate the progress.

People often have specific aims in their meditation practice. They seek enlightenment or self-control or self-knowledge. There are a few techniques that can help you progress in your practice, but the most essential element is patience and time. Nothing good ever comes from trying to force anything, particularly when it comes to a practice such as meditation, which is based on the premise of self-care and individual understanding.


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